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While it is safe to say that most modern homes are generally well built and safe, there are some aspects of our homes that we need to be careful about. This is particularly true in the area of the electrical fittings and wiring in our homes. We did not do it ourselves as homeowners, but we do need to be aware that sometimes there can be issues that need dealing with by qualified electricians.


One of the most important aspects of the home when it comes to electricity is consumer unit in your garage or other part of your home that has all the main switch and circuit breakers that are needed to run the electricity throughout your home and all the rooms in it. This is one of those areas that we cannot touch as homeowners, due to pat p. It is illegal to try and deal with these consumer units ourselves and to change any of the wiring or fix any of the wiring in the board as you need test all the circuits.


It is generally seen that homes that are older than 25 years in age may face issues around the wiring of the home. It is always worthwhile having a qualified electrician come and visit your flat  and have a look at the switch fuse that supplies electricity to the flat. This is simply a precaution, and nothing to be alarmed about. Part of the upkeep of our homes is maintenance. This means getting a qualified electrician in to look at the wiring in the home on a periodic basis every three years so that you can be sure that your home is electrically safe this is know as electrical installation condition report


How to find an electrician in Streatham


Finding a qualified electrician in Streatham is actually quite easy. One of the best sites around that offers reviews of electricians in this area is check a trade  This site outlines all the electricians in the local area, and gives reviews and feedback from customers so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be choosing an electrician that is viewed as being of high quality.


You also get the benefit of being able to collect all the information about the electricians in Streatham in one particular place online. You can of course visit individual websites, and there is nothing wrong with this, but this does take a little bit of time and it’s worthwhile thinking about the review site.


A good Streatham electrician in south London will be on a review site such as checkatrade. People go to this site to find out immediately which electricians are worth contacting and shortlisting for whatever job they have to do. For an important job such as the fuse box etc you need to be sure that you have the best people. A good review site will point out and rate the best people in the local area and therefore give you plenty to choose from with the reassurance that these are qualified and capable. With your home, it’s not worth leaving it to chance. Find a reputable electrician Streatham in sw16 and ensure that they are well reviewed and respected, such as south London electricians

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