The work of commercial electrician in London




Commercial electricians generally help people who run businesses or who look after establishments and organisations. They work hard to ensure buildings that have commercial backgrounds are safe and professionally fitted for the use of electrics.


One example that is commonly seen regards shop signage. Many shops now have signage that has electricity behind it, in order to light it or to help it function. A commercial electrician would be responsible for ensuring that signage works correctly and safely, allowing the business owner to carry out his or her trading with signage that is attractive and functional.


On a more involved level, a business may have office premises that need cabling installed for computers and other electrical equipment.  This is a complex job and needs the expertise of professional electricians. This is where a commercial electrician is useful, and can provide the required expertise to ensure the job gets done safely.


Landlords need electricians


A major boom area as regards electrician activity in recent times has been in the work of landlords. Landlords have very specific needs, due to the fact that they are to develop commercial premises that have safety at the core of this. With electricity being  hazardous a commercial electrician is often called out to help with installation of a landlord’s electrical supplies in a property. This may also involve other aspects of work that the commercial electrician can get involved in. This is something that local electricians in South London are available to do.

A electrical  safety certificate is required for the property, and the commercial electrician would be needed to ensure this is carried out expertly. On a more specific level, the appliances in a flat, for example, needs testing for electrical safety (pat testing). This is an important task and has to be undertaken by a nic eic  electrician, who has the training and expertise to ensure that the appliances are checked thoroughly for safety before the landlord allows tenants to live and/or work there.


This aspect of a commercial electrician’s work has recently become something of huge demand, as landlords recognize the requirements to make their buildings safe under heath and safety work act, and also the commercial need to have the premises bringing in revenue.


If you need local electricians in South London, it’s worth giving us a call to see how we could help. Whether it’s commercial installation or   issues with extincting work .  Electrical installations and MAINTENANCE  that are required at private premises, we can offer years of experience.


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