Commercial Kitchen Electrics in Croydon –


 Commercial Kitchen Electrics in Croydon – Voltage Optimisers

If we said that we could reduce your electricity bill by ten percent or more literally overnight, how would that make you feel. Interested? Excited? Sceptical? Probably all three, but it’s true. Those sort of energy savings are easily possible. The solution is that we can fit a voltage optimiser to your single phase or three phase supply.

What is a voltage optimiser?

In the simplest of terms, a voltage optimiser is a device that reduces the incoming voltage. In reality, it is a lot more complex […]

LED Warehouse High Bay Lighting for South London


As a warehouse manager, you will no doubt be aware of the problems of lighting the warehouse adequately, especially for the night shift and throughout the dark winter months. Low bay lighting is easy – a few fluorescent tubes and you are sorted. Swapping failed lamps is easy enough, one of the maintenance crew with a step ladder is fine. But when it comes to high bay lighting, that’s another story altogether.

Traditional HID Warehouse Lighting

High bay lighting is usually between 20 and 40 feet from the warehouse floor so it needs to be very bright […]

21st Century Lighting for South London Car Parks – the LED Solution

 South London Car Parks – the LED Solution

Well-lit car parking areas are both safer and more pleasant spaces. No fumbling around to find the right key. No wishing that you had remembered to slip a small torch into your pocket. No more wondering what it is that you have just trodden in! But at South London Electricians, we appreciate that traditional car park lighting can be expensive which is why we offer you LED car park lighting.

Traditional car park lighting systems

External car park lighting is usually post-mounted and so it needs […]

Commercial Electricians in Bromley london

 Electricians in Bromley south west london

Wiring regulations have been around since the 1880s and have been updated many times since then, reflecting advances in knowledge and technology. In 1992, the British Standards Institute formally adopted the Institute of Electrical Engineers wiring regulations as BS7671 (16th edition) which applies to all electrical installations in the UK.

For commercial properties, from 1989 things had already been formalised with the implementation of the Electricity at Work Regulations which apply in tandem with BS7671. These placed a responsibility on:

employers to keep all appliances and installations in a safe condition […]

Fishy Smell in a Lambeth Kitchen


A few years ago, there was a story doing the rounds about a wife whose husband had been cheating on her. When she found out, she packed her bags but before walking out, removed several of the light switch covers, placed sardines from a can into each of them and refitted the covers using No More Nails. It was quite a while before the husband figured out where the unpleasant fishy smell was coming from.

But whether the story is true or not, we actually had a call out to a fishy smell in a Lambeth Kitchen. The householder […]

Electrical Repairs after Flooding in South London

Repairs after Flooding in South London

In recent years, there have been some awful winters with higher than average rainfall causing extensive flooding in the UK including properties in south London. What a lot of householders forget is that it is not just appliances that have been wet that can be a danger, the electrical wiring and sockets may be unsafe due to the water as well.

But it’s not just flooding caused by the weather that damages domestic electrics, rain getting in, burst pipes and tanks, leaky wastes and so on can all contribute to hidden damage.

Repairing […]

Constantly tripping RCD in Wimbledon

tripping RCD in Wimbledon

We were called out to a house in Wimbledon where the householder had a problem with his RCD attached to his home cinema circuit. It just kept tripping as soon as he tried to reset it and he was worried that he was facing a big bill to replace or repair his system. So he called us in and fairly soon we traced the problem to a damaged cable and soon had the problem solved.

Although we would like the business, unlike our client in Wimbledon there is not always a need to call out a […]

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