fire-rated dowlights


Down lights installations

Once you have decided that you wish to install Down lights in your home it is important for you to decide several things:

Q. How many Downlights do I want? Or need?


A        Well this is  person choice we seen standard 3 bed semi have over 120 that is way over the top !


Q Should the Down lights be 12 volts (selv),  230v( gu10 or g4), or led ?


A      This is where we come in and there are regulations for each so if there close to bath or shower  you might need what is called low voltage fitting that would also be waterproof, 90% all the new spot lights we fit are led because they save up to 95% of your energy use.

Q  Do the Down lights need to be fire rated, acoustic rated or IP rated?

A  Depends where they are used, ip rating code will give you number, so for example ip65 is used in bathroom where from the bath to light is under 2.25mts.

Q   Can they be installed in house with old ceilings ?

A  yes but we only install led fittings due to heat from halogen lamps make this fire risk

Q  Can the existing lighting circuit support the extra light fittings with out problems ?

A this will be looked at when our electricians do a site visit, also since 2008, the bs7671 stats that rcd protection is needed when altering a existing circuit.


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