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 The cost of rewiring a typical 2-3 bedroom apartment/flat in London


Domestic Property Rewiring

If your lights or electrics are not working you may need your property to be rewired. Rewiring is where the electrical cables and fittings are renewed. A property rewiring is quite an invasive procedure so existing wall fabric and fittings may be disturbed and in some cases, walls and ceilings will need be decorated.


Professional advice and appraisal about property rewiring

If your electrics are not working or wiring is old, South London Electricians can give you professional advice or we can call out to look at your property and appraise your options fully. Read on for a few tips about property rewiring from us here at South London Electricians, a group of seasoned experts who can point out the pros and cons of property rewiring based on decades of experience working as professional electricians for domestic and commercial clients.


An overview of your options when rewiring a purpose built flat

Most purpose built flats built between 1950 and 1970 have   concrete slab ceilings, making the task of rewiring more difficult. If your conduits are rusted this reduces the chances that we can pull new wires through even more.


There are two common options for homeowners in these cases. One, you can use mini-trunking so cables are placed on the surface of the walls and ceiling, This is a cheaper option but many decide against it as it can make walls more difficult to paint and it is not the most aesthetically pleasing result.


Another option is to  have new ceilings that have void between old and new ceiling,where cables and other services can be concealed in the ceiling void. This results in an overall finish that is achieved will give new built look,and aslo give you far more options for lighting so down lights could be fitted. But it can cost double the price of the mini-trunking option, explained above as option one.



Whatever option you choose, rewiring your property will generally increase its value. It also will improve the safety of the property for those living there increase value of the property, have relevant part p certificate so when you go to sell the vendor has less outlay on buyers reports.


The average cost of rewiring an apartment/ flat in London?

Lots of people from investors to first time buyers will need to factor in the cost of rewiring if they plan to buy an apartment that needs to some improvements. To rewire an average size two to three bedroom apartment costs from3k for basic job, but individual cases can vary in many ways,  1, how many sockets and lights, 2, size of the property, so it is best to speak to a us to get a precise quote.

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