Lights Out in Wandsworth


Blowing a Fuse?


A client in Wandsworth recently requested a visit to check out his electric wiring.  Much to his annoyance his lamp kept going out and despite changing the bulbs several times the problem was ongoing.


By the time we got there our Wandsworth client was extremely frustrated and at the end of his tether.  He had checked the fuse box thinking it was a faulty fuse, but unfortunately it wasn’t as straightforward as this.


Faulty Electric Wiring


After inspecting the property we discovered that the house needed rewiring. We did this and then installed LED lamps. These come with a six year guarantee so should be trouble free from now on.


LEDs are much cooler than incandescent lights, so not only do they use far less energy than incandescent lights but they are also far less likely to combust.  Our Wandsworth client can relax at home knowing that he is safer as well as saving money.


Does My Fuse Box Need Changing?


If you are experiencing a similar problem it may be worthwhile getting your fuse box checked out too.  Even if it appears to be quite new, it may require an upgrade.  Old and faulty wiring represent a large fire risk so it is definitely worthwhile having yours checked out, especially if you can’t remember the last time it was done.  Ideally they should be checked on a regular basis.


If you have round style pin sockets or braided flex, and sockets mounted in or on a skirting board it is a good indication that your electrical wiring needs updating. If you are living in an older property, or your fuse box looks less than modern, an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) can be carried out to provide a comprehensive report about the status of your wiring. This will indicate the status of the electrical installation.  This consists of the fuse box, power and lighting circuits, sockets and switches.


Before undertaking any work check that the electrician has the necessary skills and experience to undertake this kind of report.


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