How to Find a good London Electrician



The perennial problem for any householder, whether you live in Wimbledon, Croydon, Balham or elsewhere in South London, is how to find an honest and reliable electrician. These days, there are plenty of them on the Internet, found via Google, Bing, Yahoo and others so it would seem you might be spoilt for choice. The unfortunate thing is that there are many unscrupulous electricians out there, some of them have not even served an apprenticeship!

Take for example finding an electrician in Wimbledon. When you search, you will get over a quarter of a million results! The difficulty is to work out who is worth hiring and who is a cowboy.

Most people will use Google as their main search engine. That’s a good place to start because on Google, you will find electricians with reviews, so if you live in Balham, search for ‘electrician in Balham’ and start by looking at the electricians who have Google reviews. But why are Google reviews so useful? Basically, the electrician reviews on Google are carefully monitored, unlike on many review sites and online directories so they can be trusted.

Finding a review of a South Croydon electrician on a site like is also a useful source of information. Indeed, we advertise on and encourage our clients to leave us a review. The site includes a lot more information about our experience, background, training and qualifications.

Another extremely useful site is google reveiws. This is a consumer driven review site that actively seeks to provide the most accurate reviews of the businesses subscribing to their services. They seek out and remove fake reviews and they insist that businesses must ask ALL of their customers, not just their favourites, to participate and leave a review.

When you are looking to hire a south London electrician, you should definitely avoid cold-callers. Why? Because you need time to research. Your research should include:

Qualifications and training

How long they have been in business

Affiliation to professional bodies such as NICEIC

Are they on the Electrical Safety Register

Reviews from several different sources

By taking care and spending time researching, you can be sure of finding an honest, hard-working and reliable properly trained electrician in south London who will carry out the work you need, efficiently and at a sensible price.


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