Electrical Problems in South London?



Do you need an electrician in Wandsworth, Clapham or Balham?

Have you started to notice a few problems with electrical items in your home? Things like overheating cables, a circuit breaker that trips out more often than it did, or maybe your lights flickering a little.

If so, then it could indicate that you have a fault somewhere and should call your electrician sooner rather than later.

It is inevitable that your household electrical wiring and fittings will degrade over time, there is the normal wear and tear caused by switching appliances on and off, plugging and unplugging devices, overloads, accidental damage that you don’t notice, corrosion in humid areas and of course disasters like burst pipes and water leaking into the house.

Identifying the problem

When our electrician has arrived at your home in Wandsworth (or Clapham, or Balham or wherever you live), he will first have a chat with you about the problems that you have noticed. That will give him a good idea as to what to look for so he can then check the appropriate circuits for any indication of overheating, wear and tear or physical damage where cables are vulnerable.

The electrician will also use electrical safety testing equipment to verify if there are any hidden faults that can’t be detected by eye. In this way, any faults will be tracked down methodically and faulty components/wiring can be replaced immediately. In the unlikely event that your electrician in Balham does not have the items to hand, he will quickly source and obtain whatever is required. Once the repair is completed, you will receive the appropriate electrical certification and can rest easy that your home is once again safe.

Be prepared

But why wait until the problems show up? If you have bought an old house in south London, you should have the electrics checked every few years. This is especially important for landlords in south London as any accidents could lead to a costly court case with heavy penalties – it isn’t currently a legal requirement to have electrical safety checks but there is an obligation to ensure that all electrical equipment is safe.

South London electricians

South London Electricians have built up a solid reputation for providing a fast and efficient service to householders and landlords in all areas of south London, with NICEIC electricians in Balham, Clapham, Wandsworth, South Croydon and the rest. We assure you of a hassle-free experience that will minimise the disruption to your daily life caused by electrical problems.



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