Led lighting. How to get it right




One of the very best ways to make your garden extra special this summer is to install some low voltage or led garden lighting. It really adds to the atmosphere, especially as nights become longer and more magical. Having a check a trade electrician in to install this lighting makes perfect sense too.


People tend to have led  garden lighting fitted because it makes for a pleasant alternative to the more energy efficiency  lighting that used to be the mains voltage lighting in gardens. The led  option is pleasant and low-key, and if you get things just right, these lights can really accentuate the best parts of your garden space. People often use them to illuminate water features, for example, and add that extra element of delight when it gets dark.


Some people take it to the next level and install led garden lighting that is as beautiful as the garden itself. There are some excellent examples of delicate and attractive garden lighting that brings an artistic and creative element to the garden.


Because of the fact they are led, they are also incredibly cheap to use low maintaince. This means you can have them installed and not have to worry about them, while still enjoying the quality and power that voltage brings to a lighting set up. In other words, they are the perfect solution for a busy family home.


There are a couple of things you may need to think about when purchasing the lighting, and especially when positioning it in the garden in London. South London electrician to install the lighting  with leaders in leds, we done recent large project in Wimbledon, with over 180 led lights from www.collingwoodlighting.com/en/


Just the path, or features too?


It sounds a little silly, but if you’re lighting a path, work out whether you want to light just the path or the features around it too. This is important when you consider that the lighting itself will have to be adjusted. It also means that you can decide on the effect you are going to have. The electrician should be able to advise, but they will have to know this kind of thing so they can position the lighting and also advise on voltage levels.


Be aware that over lighting the garden can be an absolute nightmare. You can have the equivalent of a football pitch at night if you’re not careful. Avoid this with your led garden lighting by ensuring that you pick out the parts of the space you want to accentuate. This will allow for a more sophisticated and relaxed feel. Again, ask our qualified electrician to give advice on the strength and positioning of the lighting.


It’s important you have qualified electricians for this kind of job. To ensure you get the very best of  Croydon electricians for example, you should us on check us out on trustmark or check a trade or on niceic websites, also we have many reviews on Google that most electrical companys don’t.


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