Rewiring in Tooting


Sockets Tripping Out


One of our more famous clients, a Premier League footballer contacted us because his sockets kept tripping out.  We visited his house in Tooting several times.


Despite PAT testing all his electrical appliances and spending considerable time investigating the fault we were left baffled as to what was causing it.  It was only when the client mentioned that it only happens when it rains that finally managed to discover what was happening.


Water Entering Cables


Unfortunately when it rained, water entered the cables which resulted in the tripping out.


We resolved the problem by rewiring the offending cable and resealing it.   Our Tooting client is now able to relax at home without worrying about this annoying problem.


The Dangers of Water and Electricity


Our client was extremely lucky as water and electricity are a dangerous combination.


It is never advisable to use electrical appliances near water.   Even if you are tempted to use portable heater in the bathroom, don’t!   The desire to be warm is really not worth risking your life!


A registered electrical contractor can fit a strip heater either on the wall or ceiling for a small sum, so put your health and safety first, not matter how tempting it may seem. Equally and take care when using any electrical appliance such as a hairdryer near a sink or bath.


For maximum protection, always wear rubber soled shoes when working in a damp area (such as a laundry) which has electrical appliances.  The rubber sole acts as insulation so the electricity is not able to flow through the body and it is protected from electric shock.


Whether you live in Tooting or Timbuktu, be wary of water and electricity.

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