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South London Electricians is part of NICEIC. They regulate over 26,000 electricians in the UK. NICEIC regularly assess the competency of every electrician on their roll to ensure their working knowledge is up to date and safe. When you choose a NICEIC electrician, you know your job in Croydon and surrounding areas, however big or small, is in safe hands.

When an electrician joins NICEIC they test our work, our premises, our documentation and our skills to unsure we are reliable, safe and have appropriate insurance. We also receive technical advice, industry training and literature just to make sure we have the skills to suit our customers and type of work we do. For example, if part of our work is installing electrical sockets, NICEIC ensures we know how to patch up the wall so the customer doesn’t have to.

For home and business owners, NICEIC has an independent complaints procedure so if you feel the work is not up to scratch, NICEIC can call for the contractor to come back and fix the problem for free if the work is seen to be below standards. By choosing a NICEIC contractor, you can be assured they are aware of building regulations and have the right insurance and warranties to safely carry out your job.

South London Electricians have been part of NICEIC for many years and continue to work towards excellence in all aspects of our work. If you are looking for a NICEIC registered electrician in South London and the surrounding areas or the Home Counties, South London Electricians are here for you. When you choose us, you can rest assured you have chosen a competent, reliable and competitively priced contractor.

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