Extra Sockets


Extra Sockets

If like many homes you have too few plug sockets in your property, you may compensate by having extension cables trailing around. These do an adequate job of providing more power points, but have a limited capacity for the amount of current they can cope with safely, and you may be inadvertently overloading your circuits. Extension wires present an additional hazard in their own right, and accidents often arise where someone has tripped up on a cable.

The problem of too few electric plug sockets is easy to resolve, and whether you need an electrician in Lambeth, Bromley, or anywhere else in south London, South London Electricians can help. Adding extra sockets into your domestic or commercial wiring circuits is a straightforward job for a qualified electrician.  Our services are delivered with rigorous attention to detail, and with an outstanding level of customer care. We have been working in south London and across the UK providing first class electrical services to clients for over 20 years.

When electrical circuits were first introduced into domestic homes they were a great novelty. Few appliances existed requiring a plug socket, so many homes only had one or two sockets installed per room. As our taste for technology has increased, so has our need for plug socket extension solutions. Games consoles, DVD players, televisions, computers and mobile phones all demand power, and in certain rooms the requirements can be numerous.

Installing extra sockets places additional demands on your fuse board. If your existing unit is one of the old-fashioned types then it will be necessary to upgrade your board when you put a new socket in. Like all domestic wiring tasks, adding in extra plug sockets is a job that should only be tackled by a professional electrician. It may be tempting to think you can address the work yourself, but electricity can be dangerous, and every week one person loses their life in an electrical accident, one in eight people receive an electric shock and 80 preventable electrical fires occur. With these statistics it is easy to see why bringing in a qualified person is the sensible choice.

There are a number of different types of plug socket on the market, and when you contact South London Electricians about your requirements we can discuss these options with you. As your premier choice for electrician Wandsworth Town, or any other location across south London, we can explain the benefits of single, double, switched and non-switched sockets, and whether flat or raised sockets would be the best solution for your needs.

In the process of installing extra plug sockets, you may choose also to consider increasing the number of telephone points across your property. These two jobs can be undertaken simultaneously by your South London Electricians professional, and can help to make your life simpler with greater choice of where to locate your home phone. Always with an eye on your costs, our electricians seek the most cost-effective solutions to your requirements, keeping wiring runs to a minimum wherever possible.  Get in touch today to discover how we can help.

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