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NICEIC, the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting, state that there are around 14,500 accidents in UK homes each year caused by faulty electrics. So before you have an electrical disaster, you should call electricians in south west London to check your wiring is safe.

Taking a DIY approach to mending electrical problems could be the death of you; a little mistake and before you know it, mains electricity could be passing through your body. So call in a professional fully qualified and registered electrician.

But if you are not sure whether you should call an electrician, the best thing is not to take any chances and ring anyway. The main thing that is stopping you is probably the cost but when you weigh up a few pounds against a house fire or electrocution, you can see that it makes sense.

South London Electricians cover most Greater London areas south of the Thames including south west London, Epsom, Caterham, Banstead and other towns close to the suburbs. Fully qualified, registered with NICEIC and the electrical safety register, with state-of-the-art testing equipment, you can be assured that they will find and track down and fix any electrical fault in your home.

If you keep an eye on your appliances, plugs, sockets and other fittings, you will be able to spot potential issues. Here are some tips for signs that could indicate problems:

  • hot plugs or sockets can indicate overloading and could start a fire

  • scorch marks on sockets can also indicate overloading

  • RCD’s that keep tripping

  • flickering lights could indicate a loose wire

  • discolouring of light fittings could indicate faulty wiring or more likely a bulb that is too powerful – fire risk

  • light bulbs that need replacing more often than you might expect could also indicate faulty wiring

  • power leads with damaged outer casings should be replaced by a competent electrician

If you really have to use a multi-socket device, please use a bar adaptor on an extension lead rather than a block adaptor. The latter bring too many plugs too close and can easily overheat. Also the plugs will probably overlap and they won’t be firmly in place which can lead to overheating. Make sure that extension leads and power cables for appliances do not run under carpets. There are two main reasons for this, firstly, they can become damaged without you noticing and secondly, carpets and rugs are good heat insulators and so the cables can overheat.

To keep your home in south west London safe, NICEIC recommends that you have a full electrical inspection by a qualified electrician every ten years. As well as giving you peace of mind that your electrics are safe, it will be helpful if you are selling your house so make sure that you keep the certificate.

Talk to south London Electricians today about helping you to stay safe – 07956 523316


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