Three-Phase Commercial Garage Wiring in Lewisham


We had a recent job in Lewisham at a garage who had bought some new ramps and a rolling road for doing their MoT brake tests. They had been fixed to the floor and needed wiring in. They had contacted an electrician in Lewisham who had not really been up to the job – he was a one-man-band rather than a commercial electrician and had little experience with working on three-phase supplies. He had been round to the garage, taken a look at what was needed and realising that he was out of his depth he backed off.

We are commercial electricians based in Croydon and have the experience and the ‘know how‘ to handle any three-phase wiring job in Lewisham, Bromley, Southwark, Lambeth or wherever in London. The issues with three-phase are load balancing and the fact that the supplies are high current. Having handled many big-current industrial installations like generator installation for factory UPS systems in Richmond, production lines in Croydon Factories and many other big jobs, three ramps and a rolling road was quite a small one by our standards.

The Lewisham garage owner wanted us to put supplies in trenches but we soon talked him out of that – apart from how long it takes to dig them in the first place, in a garage, it is almost inevitable that they will fill with oil, water and other muck. The solution we offered was to use girder mounted trunking to carry the cables. Apart from keeping cables out of harm’s way, it will be easier to modify as new equipment is installed in the future. So, from the isolators, we took steel conduit up to the height of the trunking, which was bolted firmly to the steel girders of the garage roof. The trunking carried all of the cabling for the lifts and rolling road to where it was needed and the supplies for the individual units dropped through more steel conduit to the machines.

If you want to benefit from a quarter of a century’s experience with all types of industrial single-phase and three-phase installations, call THE commercial electricians for south London – South London Electricians. Our number is 07956 523316 and you will speak directly to an electrician, not a receptionist.

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