Sutton Fire Alarm Certificate, Emergency Light Testing

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Fire alarm systems are both a practical necessity and a legal requirement in commercial and public buildings. The exact regulations and practices differ slightly depending on the nature of the property. It is also a requirement that your alarm system is regularly tested and maintained.

That is where we come in. Whether you want a standard maintenance and fire alarm testing inspection or should you suspect that you may need your fire alarm system repairing, our team of qualified electricians are on hand. Simply call us on 07956 523316. You will speak directly to an engineer, unlike many companies providing fire alarm certificates for Sutton. You will therefore save time and effort – no need to tell everything first to a receptionist and then repeat yourself when an engineer finally calls back hours later.

BS5839 and Fire Alarm Certificate and Testing

Government guidance strongly recommends that commercial properties, as well as public buildings, follow BS5839. This British Standard for fire alarm systems recommends inspection twice a year by a “competent person” as a minimum. On larger premises, the fire alarm systems are more complicated and it is much more likely that a fault may develop. If this becomes evident during an incident, life could be lost. It is therefore more appropriate to have inspections more times than the minimum.

Fire alarm testing is also crucial to avoid false alarms. A false fire alarm will cause disruption to your Sutton business, HMO or public facility as well as tying up the Sutton fire brigade for the duration of the false alarm – wasting brigade time and money and possibly meaning they are short staffed for attending a genuine emergency.

Sutton Emergency Lighting System Testing

Hand in hand with any fire alarm system is the emergency lighting. There are three levels of emergency lighting inspection – daily, monthly and the annual full test. The daily testing is simply someone checking the LEDs on the lighting units are working. It doesn’t need to be literally every day but it does need to be frequent. The monthly testing again is not literally once a month, but it should be part of the programmed maintenance, at which time the test button on the lighting needs to be pressed in order to make sure each individual luminaire works as it should do. During the annual emergency lighting testing, the system needs to be run for at least 3 hours to ensure that it provides adequate lighting to allow for escape or for search and rescue operations. The lights must then be fully recharged. This is best carried out when your premises are empty otherwise alternative lighting needs to be arranged.

The Best Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Systems Testing, Sutton

We install and test emergency lighting systems in HMOs, businesses and public buildings throughout Sutton (and the rest of South London of course!). So give us a call on 07956 523316 and we can give you a full run-down on what is needed before arranging an appointment to carry out testing. Our technicians are fully trained and keep abreast of changes and additions to BS5266-8.

Sutton areas we cover:

Bandon Hill
Beddington Corner
Carshalton Beeches
Carshalton on the Hill
Little Woodcote
North Cheam
St. Helier
South Beddington
Sutton (principal town)
Sutton Common
Sutton High Street (located within Sutton)
The Wrythe
Woodcote Green
Worcester Park


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