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If you look after a car park in South London, isn’t it time you thought about changing to energy efficient LED lighting? This has many advantages including cost savings and reducing your carbon footprint. The range of available lighting units is vast and can be quite confusing. Your search starts off easily enough but the more you look into the options, the less clear things become.

Contacting South London Electricians can solve your problems about what LED car park lighting to install. Our in-depth knowledge of lighting regulations and the best LED lighting units will make light work of your search and reduce your stress and frustration, allowing you to get on with the rest of your job.

We have worked on many private and public external car parks in the south and south west of London, carrying out wiring, re-wiring, replacement of HID bulbs and increasingly, the swapping of conventional lamps for LED lighting.

External wiring, including armoured and buried cables don’t last forever. South London electricians are experts in the field of underground cables. Less experienced electricians can use over armoured or under armoured cables in your car park. Using either will lead to extra expense – under armoured cable will have a shorter life and need replacing sooner whereas over armoured cable, whilst ensuring the cable will last as long as expected, will cost a lot more in the first place.

Owners and managers of internal car parks and multi-story car parks have called us in to completely overhaul their lighting. The main reason is always to economise in the long run, however, some of them wanted to improve the ambience or to reduce the costs caused by vandalism. We achieved the ambience and vandal costs by using LED low bay vandal proof lighting units tuned to give daylight quality light. In order to maximise savings on elctricity consumption, we als recommend that dimmable LEDs are installed. These can be set to low when no-one is around but can respond instantly to the arrival of people or cars.

Cabling in multi-storey and underground car parks needs to be done carefully in line with wiring regulations. It is exposed to harsher conditions than fully interior wiring and so needs to be appropriate protection. Also, where there is the chance of mechanical damage, cables should be enclosed in standards compliant conduit. We will advise you on the most cost-effective solutions.

But LED lighting isn’t always the best solution. If your lighting is likely to be on for less than 1000 hours per annum, seeing a return on your investment will take a long time. In cases where a car park is to be lit only occasionally, we recommend and fit conventional lighting.

So for all your external, multi-storey or underground car park lighting and cabling needs, contact South London Electricians on 020 3199 8930for a free, no-obligation chat.


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