Single and Three Phase Switchgear for London Industrial Units


Switchgear is a background items that is often overlooked in the maintenance of an industrial unit. In our experience, it just stands there against a wall, collecting dirt and dust with never a thought of any deterioration that might be happening inside the casing.

ABL Redhill

One of our recent jobs was for a major car insurance repairer for the south east – ABL at Redhill who inherited the problems of years of neglect of not just their three-phase electrical switchgear but the rest of the electrics too.

They had moved into a commercial unit in which the Eaton MEM 200A Glasgow boards and 800A busbars had been neglected. Installed in the 60’s, they started to cause trouble when state-of-the-art spray booths were installed, the switchgear and busbars just could not cope. When installed, the Glasgow gear would have been fine for the job and would have complied with the standards of the time. But changing the use and fitting of new equipment was over-stressing them.

Installation and maintenance of industrial switchgear

Here at South London Electricians, we install and maintain three phase and single phase switchgear units throughout London, Surrey and the south east. We have qualified and experienced electricians who carry out the repairs, installation and load testing of boards and busbars for high current supplies in commercial and industrial buildings.

The Eaton MEM Glasgow range is good, but we also recommend supply, fit and maintain switchgear, distribution boards and control panels from Switchgear Technology ltd. They have built many of the custom distribution systems that we have installed and worked on are capable of fully customising the industrial unit switchgear to the client’s exact requirements for example:

  • Access can be arranged from front and rear

  • Cabling can be arranged from top and/or bottom

  • They can supply to a wide range of ingress protection standards

  • OEM equipment can be used if specified by the client

  • 200A to 6300A busbars, braced to meet the ultimate fault capacity of the system with 100% or 200% rated neutral

The installation of heavy duty systems for light and heavy industry is a specialist job, not all electricians in south London have the experience. We have often been called in to pick up the pieces after other companies have got in a mess, particularly with three-phase work. Get that wrong and you can end up with machines not working, machines running backwards and a whole host of electrical safety issues too.

If you require commercial electricians in London to upgrade the single or three phase switchgear or wiring of your industrial unit, contact South London Electricians on 07956 523316 to find out how you can benefit from our expertise and experience.

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