With rapid and vast technological advancements in modern electrical gadgetry, South West London has not been left out. From integration of wireless technology with lighting to dimming control, home and garden lighting has never been made much easier. Surprisingly enough, by simply tapping on their smartphones, tablets or PC screens, South West Londoners remarkably enjoy home and garden lighting without having to move a muscle.

Remote lighting, as the name suggests, enables home owners to switch on the lights from anywhere within their premises without actually moving the wall to flip on the switch. By use of Wise Control equipment, that embraces the use of wireless technology to control interior and exterior lighting, remote control switches have been developed .These remote control switches come in handy from dimmingcircuits, scene control, changing light colour to suite a particular occasion, as well as master switching that allows all lighting circuits to be switched on/off at an instant.

For those who love to chill out on their decks, or even work late in their gardens, lighting these particular areas is now possible upon fitting the 4-channel switching WiseBox. This WiseBox, which switches up to four channels, comes in as a wireless enabled switching system known as a Wise Box Kit.

The WiseBox Kit is equipped with four-10A high efficiency fuses, a 240V mains supply input, earthing terminals, dip switch panel, four-240V output channels and dedicated programming buttons.

In addition to a remote key fob and a wall switch (each with four buttons), the WiseBox Kit also has an IP54 waterproof receiver that is suitably used for garden lighting, where moisture or water droplets are often present. Upon fitting and powering on the 4-channel switching WiseBox, the receiver automatically receives wireless signals from the remote switches within a reception distance of 200metres.

During fitting, the installation procedure requires theWiseBox to be powered up by connecting it to a 240V mains supply and turning it on to initiate its operations.Wise Control electricians then choose, with respect to its intended switching mode, a appropriate program from four available switching options that will run it.Switching the lighting circuits on/off can be done by using a single button. Alternatively, switching can also be done using either two buttons, a master switch or by use of the Passive Infrared (PIR)Sensor.

As with remote lighting, light dimming control is also on track with the advancement of remote controlled lighting technology in South West London. To enable dim control, a wireless dimmer system referred to as a WiseDim Kit has to be fitted.

The WiseDim Kit contains receiver with four independent 700W dimmer channels and 200metre reception range from its wireless wall mounted switch.In order to reset the dim intensity to its previous light dim levels,for example, in case ofchange to undesired dim levels, the receiver is switched off and turned on again.Also,non-dimmable fittings such as LEDs and fluorescent bulbs are also controlled as circuit change from dimming to switching is achieved byuse of a dip switch panel similar that used in the WiseBox Kit.

The WiseDim Kit as a system, comprises of a dimmer coil,a four-240V channel output, heatsink to dissipate excessive heat ,amains 240V input for power supply,a12V DC push-to make switch, four3.15A protective fuses and programming buttons (P1,P2,P3,P4 and P5).

As an operational procedure, the WiseDim Kitis then programmed to enable switching or dimming of the lighting circuits.Forinstance, DimmingProgramming allows for use of a single button to dim or switch circuits on/off. The circuits can also be programmed to beswitchedon/off independentlyfrom two particular buttons of any choice. All circuits can also be turned on/off by usersupon use of theMaster ON/OFF programming option for the master switch.Finally, similar to the WiseBox Kit, the Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor can also be programmed to achieve lighting control.

In conclusion, as decks and gardens in South West London glitter and sparkle due to perfect lighting associated with this state of the art remote wireless lighting and control technology, Wise Controls switching and dimming circuits have also been designed provide home owners with a unique, serene and magnificently lit interior of their choice.


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