Redhill Commercial Units – Major Upgrade of the Electrics


With more and more vehicles on the roads, an increase in accidental damage is inevitable. Happily, it is the insurers who pick up the tab in most cases, very often through companies like ABL at Redhill, one of our recent clients.

Since they are a major independent SE insurance car repairer who provide top quality work backed up by an excellent customer service, their workshops are always busy. Any failure of the electrical system would be a costly disaster, with a large number of highly trained, well qualified and skilled tradesmen with their hands in their pockets plus disappointed and possibly angry customers waiting to be reunited with their vehicles.

MEM Glasgow boards and busbars

When we were called in, problems had started to arise, which was hardly surprising given the electrical demands of their state-of-the-art spray booths, car wash systems and other heavy equipment. The electrics of their commercial unit was fitted with Eaton MEM 200A Glasgow boards and 800A busbars. The main problems that we were called in to sort out were the red phase was burnt out and there was overloading on phases but there were a few more issues to solve too. The switchgear had been installed in the 1960s, bodged up initially and then neglected by the previous owners. If looked after, the MEM Glasgow range perform well but, as with even the best built cars, a lack of maintenance work leads to deterioration.

New SWA cabling

After carrying out extensive testing, we ripped out and replaced all of the failing old switchgear and busbars, replaced the cabling with new 95 mm supplies plus 35 mm 4 core for the spray booths. Following on from that, we then checked and upgraded the earthing system to make sure the workforce was fully protected and that current safety standards were met. ABL were back in business in double quick time.

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