Pubs, Cafés and Patio Heaters for South London



The heating of outside spaces for patrons of pubs, cafés and restaurants has become more of a priority over the last few years. The two things that have prompted this are the smoking ban of 2007 and a general drop-off of trade. A pub, café or restaurant that offers diners a modicum of comfort outdoors will have the edge over a more traditional business that works on the ‘Edwina Curry’ principle – i.e. put a thicker sweater on.

Early efforts at outdoor space heating was to use gas patio heaters, however, it wasn’t long before the wisdom of using bottled gas was challenged. There was a lot of conflicting evidence both for and against the use of gas heating but very little was available to use an an alternative.

Radiant Patio Heaters

The gas patio heater works by giving out radiant heat (infrared), however, to create the red glow that provides the radiant heat, it is necessary to burn the gas. The heat from this is lost through convection meaning there is a lot of wasted energy that simply floats off into the air.

Another disadvantage of this type of outdoor patio heater is that you need to change the gas bottle. There are various reasons why you need to leave the bar and this adds yet another to the list. Installing electric infrared patio heaters means one less disturbance meaning you spend more time on all-important customer service which is beneficial to your south London business.

Electric Infrared Patio Heaters

Unless the outside area is completely enclosed, which defeats the whole object of the exercise, the bulk of the heat will be lost. Wasted energy is wasted money. Using electricity is a more efficient way of creating the infrared radiant heat that will keep your customers comfortable. Since it is more efficient, it means that less money is wasted.

Government figures published in a report by Westminster City Council indicate that carbon dioxide levels are at least 10% less using an electric infrared patio hater and money savings could as high as 45%. Whichever way you look at it, it is good in the long term for your business.

Another advantage is that the electric infrared patio heater starts to produce heat much faster than a gas fired heater so you don’t need to switch on ages before the arrival of customers outside. It can be controlled by body heat or motion detectors and so is switched on only when it is needed, making you even more savings without compromising on customer comfort.

The Best Infrared Patio Heater Installers for South London

We have been installing infrared patio heaters for many years now so you can benefit from our expertise. We can recommend the best type of infrared patio heater for your situation, how many you will need to cover the area and carry out the full installation including motion or body heat controls to BS 7671 with minimum disruption to your business. With our purchasing power, we are able to offer the best quality units at an excellent price. So whether you run a pub in Lambeth, a cafe in south Croydon or a restaurant in Surrey, call us now on 020 3199 8248 for a free no-obligation chat on how we can save you money and help your business in the long term.


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