Master Key for Ryefield Boards, Lost Keys

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Ryefield Boards

If your building has a sub-mains system, you will have a ‘Ryefield Board‘. The term is used generically to describe a mains distribution board fitted with a master fuse. The master fuse protects the individual circuits. A property which is sub-let has the meters for each unit connected between the board and tenanted area. So if you are a landlord, business owner or public building manager, you need to add South London Electricians to your contacts – 0208 406 9834.

Why? Because you can speak directly to an electrician at any hour of the day. Your call will not be routed through a call centre in the far east or through a secretary here in the UK. This means that you get a much faster solution to your Ryefield board issue.

Ryefield Board Master Key

It can sometimes be a bit of a grey area as to who owns the Ryefield (or other make) of mains distribution board. It should be contained somewhere in property purchase documentation but we appreciate that could take hours to track down the information. In times of an electrical emergency, the luxury of time is not something available to you.

Sometimes the DNO (district network operator) owns it, sometimes it is the building owner. This can often lead to access problems to the inside of the board. Information about who has the keys for the Ryefield board are kept may be lost in the mists of time!

That’s the point you call us. As south and central London electricians, we hold a full set of master keys for Ryefield boards. So if you need to access your Ryefield distribution board, a quick chat with us is the easy solution. Call us now on 07956 523316. We don’t just operate in South London, we cover all areas, including central London. We keep our fleet of electric vans charged at all times, ready to dash out to your Ryefield board emergency at the drop of a hat, master keys in hand!

Not Sure your Distribution Board is Safe?

Accidents happen. Even the most experienced fork truck driver can clout fixtures and fittings in your warehouse or factory. Maybe a new delivery driver didn’t get the reversing quite right. A removal team in a block of flats or builders altering an HMO could easily knock into the Ryefield board. Distribution boards are built tough, but it doesn’t mean an external blow hasn’t loosened something inside. It needs to be treated as an electrical emergency.

The installation of the sub-mains may have taken place quite a while in the past. If you have just acquired new premises with a Ryefield board, it is worth getting it checked out.

It’s no good just ringing any old electrician that you find online or in the yellow pages. Installing a Ryefield board safely and correctly requires expertise and experience. Most electricians could look at the inside of a Ryefield board and think they understand it. OK, they could probably wire it up but it is unlikely that it would be done properly. A bad installation could be dangerous.

If you suspect that your Ryefield board is old, was installed by an inexperienced electrician or shows external damage, email us a few pictures and then give us a call. We are happy to give you our opinion over the phone or come over to take a look. We have the master keys for south and central London Ryefield boards, so it’s no problem if you don’t.

It doesn’t matter if you are reading this at 2 am or during your lunch break, ring us on 07956 523316 to take advantage of our 24 hour emergency service.

Water Leaked onto your Ryefield Board?

A water leak is bad news for your electrical system. If water has penetrated your distribution board, it will need changing. Some electricians offer repairs, however, these are not a good long-term solution. The internal arcing caused by the water causes carbonised tracks on the insulation between circuits. These are still conducting even when dry. A repair involves grinding these out and filling the channel with an insulating resin. The damage to the insulation from arcing extends a lot further than just the obvious tracks. The damaged insulation absorbs water from the air meaning that residual tracking can occur. Repairs should therefore be regarded as purely temporary, until the replacement arrives.

Local Ryefield Board Specialists

Either way, you need a specialist south and central London electrician, such as ourselves. That way, you will have peace of mind that your system is correctly installed and safe. If you can’t find the keys, then you definitely need our services as we are master key holders. Remember, you can call at any time of night or day and speak to an experienced electrician, qualified to work with three phase supplies and experienced in the field of distribution boards. Here’s our number …

07956 523316

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