Low Bay LED Lighting for a Greenwich Commercial Kitchen



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On a recent commercial kitchen upgrade job in Greenwich, the client was in two minds about changing the lighting as well as upgrading the cables on the ring main and other circuits. Currently fitted was ageing fluorescent lighting but we suggested changing to low bay IP65 rated LED luminaires.

Advantages of LED low bay lighting for commercial kitchens

1. Cost savings.

Although the initial cost is higher than with conventional lighting solutions, over the lifetime of the LED low bay lighting unit, a huge amount of money can be saved. This is for two reasons, firstly, the operating costs are lower as LED lighting does not convert electricity into heat to produce the light so an LED low bay luminaire will consume less electricity than fluorescent tubes or other lamps. The second cost saving comes from the lack of maintenance required for an LED unit – you can ‘fix and forget’ for many years as they last about 5 times longer than an average fluorescent low bay light fitting.

2. Instant full intensity light.

As soon as the LED lighting units are switched on, they provide maximum illumination, unlike fluorescents. They are also dimmable so if you need to leave some lighting on overnight for security purposes, you can reduce the brightness, giving you further cost savings.

3. Daylight quality light.

The colour temperature of an LED unit can be finely tuned, choosing one that mimics daylight will make the working environment more pleasant and therefore more productive.

4. Safety issues.

Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury in small quantities so conventional low bay commercial kitchen lighting must be protected against accidental breakage. During the process of replacing fluorescent tubes, there is again the danger of breakage. If glass and mercury end up in the kitchen you face a costly shutdown whilst it is cleared. With LED lighting there is no mercury and no glass – perfect for use in the food industry.

5. LED lighting works better at high temperatures.

Fluorescent lighting works best at room temperature and is less efficient at higher temperatures such as those that can be encountered near the ceiling in a commercial kitchen. LED systems operate at optimum efficiency in a wider temperature range so there is no loss of illumination at busy times when the kitchen is in full swing.

So once we had explained all this, plus several other advantages, the manager of this Greenwich commercial kitchen decided that LED low bay lighting was indeed the way forward. The units we supplied and fitted were standard 600 x 600 mm IP65 rated and it will be many years before he needs to call us back to work on his kitchen lighting. He has now decided to replace the front of house lighting with warm white LED units so we are scheduled to carry out that work in the next few weeks.

If you want to save yourself a lot of money by converting your commercial kitchen in Greenwich, Southwark or other area of south London, call the experts in LED Low Bay commercial kitchen lighting – 020 3199 8248


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