LED Warehouse High Bay Lighting for South London



As a warehouse manager, you will no doubt be aware of the problems of lighting the warehouse adequately, especially for the night shift and throughout the dark winter months. Low bay lighting is easy – a few fluorescent tubes and you are sorted. Swapping failed lamps is easy enough, one of the maintenance crew with a step ladder is fine. But when it comes to high bay lighting, that’s another story altogether.

Traditional HID Warehouse Lighting

High bay lighting is usually between 20 and 40 feet from the warehouse floor so it needs to be very bright. Traditionally, high intensity discharge (HID) lamps have been used in order to create that brightness but they spray light out in all directions. So not only do you need specialist expensive bulbs, they have to be mounted in either metal or slivered acrylic reflectors.

The light has to be spread out in order to illuminate your warehouse properly so HID lamps are also high wattage and therefore expensive to run. Also, when a bulb goes, changing it can be a pain. Using a ladder is not an option, some companies have tried using their fork lift trucks to get someone up there but face dire consequences should there be a mishap. The only real option is to call in an electrician who is used to changing warehouse high bay lighting bulbs and therefore has easy access to a scissor lift or cherry picker and will do the job in line with H&S regulations.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a really long-lasting bulb you could have installed?

The modern alternative – high bay LED lighting for warehouses

As LEDs have become more efficient and more powerful, it has become possible to create luminaires that cast sufficient light to be able to replace HID lamps. Units like the Philips Gentle Space for example. LEDs are very directional so there is no need for a big bulky reflector to focus the light down to where it is needed. The quality of the light is very good too, you can choose from a variety of different colour temperatures to suit your particular working environment. Other benefits include:

  • Energy reduction of 40% or more compared to HID lights

  • Vibration & shock resistant (suitable for crane mounting etc.)

  • Minimal maintenance – typically around 70000 hour lifetime rating, that’s almost 8 years of continuous use

  • Wide operating temperature range, typically -45 to plus 45 Centigrade

  • Instant light levels – no waiting for HID lighting to warm up

  • No glass! Suitable for the food industry

So how do I get high bay LED lighting installed on my commercial premises?

If you are looking to update your warehouse lighting in Croydon, Bromley, Lewisham or elsewhere in South London, contact South London Electricians on 020 3199 9093 for a no-obligation chat. Our team of fully qualified electricians are equipped to install and maintain standards compliant and energy efficient high bay lighting of all types.


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