Emergency London Electricians for Herne Hill (SE24)

Image: Purley EICR for landlords and emergency electrician diagnosing a fault

Electrical Safety

You can never tell when your Herne Hill home or business will experience an electrical emergency. But when it does, it helps to have reliable and experienced electricians to hand. A simple phone call to South London Electricians will get an emergency electrician to your home or premises in minutes, to carry out essential repairs and make your electrical system safe.

Many london electricians will charge premium rates usually £95 per hour and upwards. We prefer not to sting you for emergency work and charge our normal rate of just £65 per hour. It’s not because we are less experienced or less competent, we just don’t see why you should pay through the nose because you have an electrical fault.

South London Electricians have been trading for well over a quarter of a century so you benefit from many years of experience. Whatever the fault, we will have dealt with it, if not in your Herne Hill SE24 postcode, it will have been somewhere close.

All of our emergency electricians are fully qualified, time-served and have been installing domestic and commercial electrics around the capital for many years. Take a look at our Checkatrade reviews, you will see how our customers are pleased with the value for money, reliability, efficiency and how we clean up after the work.

Our experienced emergency electricians are available to respond to your call at any time of day and night. We are all equipped with the latest test equipment that helps us to pinpoint most developing electrical problems quickly. You benefit from a fast repair at a lower cost as we will be in and out faster than many others.

You can call us on 07956 523316 at ANY HOUR of the day.

We have both domestic and commercial emergency electricians available in the Herne Hill (SE24) area and can therefore deal with any emergency electrical problem rapidly – consumer units, 3-phase supplies, lighting issues, faulty wiring etc.

Household Electrical Faults in Herne Hill

Given the numbers of people injured and killed each year by electrical faults or fires caused by an electrical fault, it is crucial that you can recognise the earliest stages of any developing electrical emergency. Here are our London electricians top tips for spotting electrical faults early:

Buzzing noises from switches, light fittings, sockets and so on are not normal behaviour. Neither are crackling noises. If you hear either of these, you need to isolate the electrical supply to that circuit and call in a London emergency electrician to your Herne Hill property.

Appliances running hotter than normal are frequent causes of fires in homes and businesses all around London, not just SE24. If an electrical fitting or appliance feels warm or runs hotter than normal, isolate it from the electrical supply and call us on 07956 523316.

It is really important that you call us if you notice any smells associated with switches, sockets or appliances. These can be a sign of overheating insulation and need dealing with immediately.

If a circuit breaker trips, it is an easy job for you to to reset it. But if it then trips out repeatedly, you probably have an electrical emergency. It’s best not to take any risks, call us, we can be at your SE24 property very quickly to respond to the situation.

Flickering lights can have many causes, some will be external to your property or Herne Hill business premises but others are internal due to system loading or an LED driver on the blink. If your lights continue to regularly flicker or dim, even after replacing the bulbs, then there could be a fault in the lighting circuit. Here at South London Electricians, we use the latest diagnostic equipment to find it quickly.

Efficient and Trustworthy Herne Hill Emergency Electricians

For your peace of mind, we are registered with all the leading industry and regulatory bodies who continually monitor and assess the quality of the work we carry out. All of our electricians carry a wide range of spares in their vans so normally, one visit is sufficient to make a repair.

Half of out vans are electrically powered so we can turn up in the dead of night without disturbing your neighbours with noisy diesel or petrol powered vans.

Fast Emergency Electrician Service

Many seemingly SE24 electricians are actually national companies advertising for work in your area. Most of them have a receptionist to take calls. They will then pass on your details to an electrician. The electrician will then call you back to discuss your electrical emergency (again). All this costs valuable time.

Here at South London Electricians, you will speak directly to an electrician for your area. Instead of pacing up and down, worrying and waiting for a call back, by ringing us, one of our emergency electricians could already be on-site, fixing your problem.

Our emergency electricians are familiar with your area and will know the fastest route to your home or business. That is not always going to be the case with an electrician from a national company who may have to cross London from Watford or Enfield … and that could take some time!

So remember, keep our number handy for whenever you need a commercial or domestic emergency electrician in SE24 (Herne Hill):

07956 523316

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