Electrical Safety in South West London



In the UK, it is reported that many of the domestic fires that occur each year are related to electrical faults and errors such as the consumer overloading sockets. Additionally, there are estimates that suggest that over a quarter of a million people are seriously injured as a result of electrical accidents in the home.

Grants from Electrical Safety First

The UK charity Electrical Safety First uses part of its budget to fund grant schemes (the Fire Safety Fund and the Home Improvement Grant) ultimately targeting householders, not just in south west London but nationwide. The idea is that by supporting community organisations, the essential messages about electrical safety will reach the ears and eyes of local communities through people they trust and will listen to.

Home Owner in South London?

If you own a new build house in South Croydon, a Victorian semi in Purley or a flat in Lambeth or wherever, you can access these grants via your local community organisations. That doesn’t mean that you will receive any actual cash – the Fire Safety Fund goes to Fire and Rescue services and Trading Standards with the intention promoting local fire safety awareness, for example, in south London, you should contact your local Fire and Rescue service or Trading Standards department to find out about public fire safety events that they are putting on in your area.

Grants for Essential Electrical Works

The other grant is the Home Improvement Grant which is distributed via local care and repair agencies. This is intended to support vulnerable groups such as the elderly. The funds are used directly to make improvements that enable them to live safety by having essential electrical repair and remedial work carried out. So if you know a pensioner in Purley or a granny in Greenwich, or any other vulnerable person in south or south west London, encourage them to contact their local council, Bromley, Lewisham etc to see if they can receive any financial help to ensure their electrical systems are up to date and safe.

Electricians in South London

So who actually supports the work of the charity, Electrical Safety First? As well as donations from the public and fundraising, all electricians who are Certsure contractors, whether they are in south west London or elsewhere in the UK. Certsure donate part of each electrical contractor’s fee to this worthy cause.

Not everyone is eligible for financial help from the charity but if you want to make sure that your domestic electrical system is up to scratch, give us a call on 020 3199 9035 – is it not worth a few quid to check if you are at risk?


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