Does Your House Need Rewiring?


This is good question that you should ask yourself if you move into your new home unless of course it has been built within the last few years. We have been involved with numerous property renovation projects in most areas of south London – plenty on our home patch of South Croydon, Purley, Sanderstead and Hamsey Green and some a little further afield in Thornton Heath, Kenley, Bromley, Dulwich, Lambeth, Orpington, Wandsworth and Whyteleafe.

Round London, it started to be come more commonplace to have wiring installed in new housing during the inter-war years and for the more affluent residents, older properties had electrical wiring installed. As time has moved on, safety standards have become more rigorous and older properties really should be rewired. we don’t come across many but there are still a few properties that crop up from time to time that have the old rubber sheathed wiring and braided cables from which a dilapidated light fitting hangs, the wires taking the whole of the weight of fitting, shade and bulb.

Rewiring a whole house is not always straightforward, access can be tricky and a lot of the costs involved are for labour. We always install cables as carefully and unobtrusively as possible. It is actually much better for both you and us if you can move out whilst the work is done.

In most cases, you will probably want to replace or need to replace the consumer unit. Whilst the old replaceable fuse consumer units are adequate, if you are having new circuits fitted, a new consumer unit is the best way forward. You may not be sure if a consumer unit replacement is needed so here are a few tips on times that it would be best to upgrade:

  • You need more circuits e.g. to separate out circuits to allow independent control of an immersion heater, for electric heating,or to supply power to a shed.

  • The existing consumer unit is damaged

  • You need RCD protection for circuits.

  • You have a re-wireable fuse consumer unit and you wish to eliminate the possibility of incorrect rewiring of a fuse.

  • You have older power cabling with undersized earth wires and re-wireable fuses.

  • To simplify an existing complex system

Whatever your re-wiring needs, give us a call today on 07956 523316 for honest and reliable advice from the experienced team at South London Electricians ltd.. You won’t speak to a receptionist but you will speak with one of our fully qualified and trained electricians. All of our work is guaranteed and we are registered to certify that the work is fully compliant with Part P.

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