Custom Audio & Visual Installation Project in Surrey or South West London



South London Electricians offer you one of the best and most comprehensive audio and multi-media installation services in the Surrey and the south west London area, ranging from wall mounting and wiring in of flat screen TVs to whole-house multimedia and entertainment systems. No job is too small or too large.

We believe that every installation is unique and we only offer tailor-made solutions – your multi-media installation in Surrey will be designed by our experts with your needs in mind. All cabling is installed intelligently, ensuring that the system is perfectly suited to your specification and your home. It will be finished to the highest possible standards within your budget and all electrical work is carried out by a qualified and experienced electrician in accordance with wiring regulations.

If your home is a new build or renovation, we wok closely with the builder and any other contractors ensuring efficient and timely installation.

We are also experienced in the retro-fitting of audio/multimedia systems. One of our recent projects was to install a complete system on a 2 million pound home in Surrey. This was an interesting job as we had a wide variety of different appliances to install with minimal disruption to the daily life of the family.

There are many options for home audio and multi-media systems in Surrey and south west London for example:

  • Home cinema room with TV

  • Home cinema room with projection system

  • Multi-room audio

  • Multi-room visual

  • Audio and video distribution from single location

  • Lifestyle systems (concealed equipment, remote control motorised activation)

Home Cinema room in your Surrey lounge

This is the simplest way to start, convert your Surrey lounge into a home cinema where you can experience HD video and surround sound from the comfort of your favourite sofa! Mounting a large flat screen TV on your wall saves space and gives top quality viewing. You can choose from plasma or LCD TVs, although given Samsung’s recent announcement about discontinuing plasma TVs, other companies will undoubtedly follow, making LCD the screen of choice. A wide range of mounting options are available, we take great care to make sure they are the correct ones to achieve what you ask.

Dedicated Home Cinema Rooms

If you have the space, a dedicated home cinema room with a projection system is a great choice – whether you watch a film, sporting event or are playing the an HD video game, a projector will give you the big-screen experience.

Multi-room systems

With state-of-the-art wired or wireless systems, you can deliver your music and films to any room in the house. You can have the option of controlling what is on where from the individual room or from a central location. The choice is yours. If you don’t want the AV equipment on show in your Surrey home, it can be concealed but be ready to appear with the press of a remote control button!


With HDMI cables, you are limited to 35m transmission, so we offer Cat5e compatible devices and cabling which allows transmission of HD quality sound and video up to 60 metres. When you have an AV/Multi-media system installed in your Surrey home, you are also adding value for the future for when you sell your home.

Top Brands

MediaMax, Wyre Storm – both offer excellent quality point-to-point and multi-room HD matrices; the MediaServer can store almost 600 DVD movies on the 3500Gb version and is able to stream to 30 different devices simultaneously.

Amina, Artcoustic, Speakercraft – offer excellent quality hidden and visible speakers.

The Chord company – top quality cabling for no-compromise audio delivery

Control 4 and Nevo – remotes and touch screen control of your audio and multi-media installation

Rako Controls – state of the art lighting systems

To benefit from many years of experience and knowledge ring us now on 07956 523316 to talk about your custom Audio & Visual installation project in Surrey or south west London, you won’t be disappointed!


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