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Wiring regulations have been around since the 1880s and have been updated many times since then, reflecting advances in knowledge and technology. In 1992, the British Standards Institute formally adopted the Institute of Electrical Engineers wiring regulations as BS7671 (16th edition) which applies to all electrical installations in the UK.

For commercial properties, from 1989 things had already been formalised with the implementation of the Electricity at Work Regulations which apply in tandem with BS7671. These placed a responsibility on:

  • employers to keep all appliances and installations in a safe condition

  • employees to cooperate with employers

Commercial electricians in Bromley, such as ourselves, are fully aware of the regulations and can help you to keep your premises within the law.

For example, should you require any new electrical installations like metal ducted cables, three phase installations or just some rewiring for your Bromley business, unless you employ your own electrician on site, you should contact South London Electricians on 020 3199 9093 to carry out the work; we are reputable and experienced commercial electricians with more years of experience than we care to remember! Contracting us will ensure that new installations and fittings are legal and safe.

But it is not just new installations that are affected by wiring regulations, employers have a responsibility to have appliances and installations checked and tested on a regular basis. As experienced commercial electricians for Bromley and the rest of south London we are qualified to carry out all aspects of electrical testing. We also give advice on the frequency of testing – contact us on 020 3199 9093. Depending on your premises and the nature of your business, testing may be required or recommended from as little as every 3 months up to once every 5 years.

Prior to testing, we will ask you to supply certain information about your electrical installation, as governed by BS7671, for example, the location and description of protective devices, earthing arrangements and so on. The inspection is wide-ranging and will look at all relevant circumstances including (but not limited to):

  • Adequacy of earthing and earth bonding

  • Suitability of the switchgear and controls

  • Serviceability of equipment

  • Type and extent of any wear and tear, damage or other deterioration

  • Presence of adequate identification and notices

The inspection will be carried out visually and using our state-of-the-art circuit testing equipment and you will be provided with the details and a certificate following a successful inspection. During an inspection, you can expect short power outages on individual circuits but we will always discuss with you first in order to plan the least disruptive inspection sequence.

If you need any commercial electrical work or an electrical inspection certificate in Bromley, Croydon or anywhere in south London, contact South London Commercial Electricians on 020 3199 9093 for a no-obligation chat.


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