100 Watt Low Bay LED Lighting for Bromley Businesses

Energy saving low bay warehouse lighting.

Review of Right-Light® 100 Watt Low Bay LED light unit

When upgrading warehouse lighting, we always recommend the use of LED lighting over other formats. Not only does this normally pay for itself within a couple of years, it can give you access to tax relief too. LED low bay lighting uses a fraction of the electricity of other forms of lighting, can be switched off when it is not needed and will have a practical life of 50,000 hours or more before it requires changing. This adds up to an unbeatable cost saving for your business.

We have fitted many different brands of LED low bay lighting but by far and away the best we have used are those made by Right-Light®. So why do we like their 100 watt low bay LED units so much?

For a start, they are bright … very bright for the amount of electricity they consume. They pump out over 14,000 lumens of lighting for a 100 W rating. When you compare that to a halogen based system, it represents about the same illumination for around one sixth of the cost. A fluorescent system will give more or less the same illumination for the same power but there are significant advantages to using the LED system.

Saving energy and cash

LED lighting can be switched on and off without reducing its life, it achieves full brightness within a fraction of a second and it lasts about five times longer than fluorescent systems. These advantages all add up to give you the benefit of low maintenance warehouse lighting for your Bromley business. When fitted with motion sensors, the units can be automatically switched on and off when needed. There is no need to light a warehouse or store unless someone is present – it is a waste of energy and money.

These high output LED warehouse lighting modules are eligible for the government’s enhanced capital allowance scheme. So to make sure that your business saves spending on both taxes and utility bills, contact us on 07956 523316 for a free, no-obligation chat with one of our experienced warehouse lighting electricians.

Other than financial benefits of this high output LED low bay lighting module, it is a compact unit with a large 120 degree beam – you will get better illumination and the units can be neatly fitted, giving greater headroom and therefore less likely to be accidentally damaged. Its 5000K colour temperature matches daylight which makes it easier for staff to read labels and discern colours accurately meaning there will be fewer picking errors.

We fit low bay LED lighting to offices, stores and warehouses in all areas of South London – from Richmond to Bromley, through Merton, Wandsworth, Lambeth Croydon and Lewisham, as well as Westminster and Chelsea (OK, we know they are north London but we do venture over the Thames from time to time!). And our fleet of electric powered vans have the range also to visit places beyond the boundaries of Greater London – like Banstead, Caterham, Carshalton and Sutton.

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