Electricians in Hamsey Green croydon



It is one of the worst things that can possibly happen to a homeowner. Imagine if you had to choose an electrician and then hire them, only to find that they were less than honest and that they left your house in a state that could well be called dangerous. There are plenty of cowboys out there in the world of electricians, and today we are going to look at ways in which you can avoid these people, and have a good electrician who does a good job for you and your home.


The biggest problem arises […]

The work of commercial electricians in london



Commercial electricians do very important work. Companies in London rely upon them to ensure that their electrical fittings are safe and secure, and that electrical issues don’t affect business. This means that commercial electricians sometimes have the pressure on them to produce the very best results for large installations, which are sometimes installations that are part of huge buildings that require plenty of inspections and preparation work. The best are up to the job, and if you run a company then you’ll find that you might well need a commercial electrician soon. In this post we […]

Avoiding poor quality electricians in south west london



We know that most electrical contractors are quite honourable and have integrity. Every now and then you may run into one that is trying to play a game with you and generally take more money off you then initially quoted. This can happen, especially where an electrician has worked out ways to string out jobs. In this post, we will look at ways in which you can avoid this problem and quickly identify if the electrician is generally trying to fleece you.


What you shouldn’t be worried about necessarily is the ‘fits and starts’ approach. Electrical […]

Finding an electrician in Streatham london sw16



While it is safe to say that most modern homes are generally well built and safe, there are some aspects of our homes that we need to be careful about. This is particularly true in the area of the electrical fittings and wiring in our homes. We did not do it ourselves as homeowners, but we do need to be aware that sometimes there can be issues that need dealing with by qualified electricians.


One of the most important aspects of the home when it comes to electricity is consumer unit in your garage or other part […]

Finding an emergency London electrician



There is nothing worse than having an electrical emergency that you need dealing with quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s a power cut or a blown fuse, if you don’t know what to do then there really is no other option than to call in a qualified electrician who can deal with it. In the London area there are literally thousands of qualified electricians and electrician companies, so it can be hard to choose one that you feel will do the job well. Later in this post we will look at how to choose a reputable electrician […]

Electricians in Croydon, Whyteleafe Kitchen Extensions


Even though the housing market is picking up, a lot of people in Whyteleafe and  Croydon are staying put and extending their homes rather than moving. If the extension is not architect designed, you need to make sure that the trades you hire are familiar with Building Regs. For the electrics, that means your electricians in Croydon, including Whyteleafe should be qualified to work and certify to Part P. You will need the certificate when you eventually do sell.

Kitchens are a popular extension as even new builds can have small galley kitchens – building plots in Croydon are not […]

Led lighting. How to get it right



One of the very best ways to make your garden extra special this summer is to install some low voltage or led garden lighting. It really adds to the atmosphere, especially as nights become longer and more magical. Having a check a trade electrician in to install this lighting makes perfect sense too.


People tend to have led  garden lighting fitted because it makes for a pleasant alternative to the more energy efficiency  lighting that used to be the mains voltage lighting in gardens. The led  option is pleasant and low-key, and if you get things […]

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