How to Find a good London Electrician


The perennial problem for any householder, whether you live in Wimbledon, Croydon, Balham or elsewhere in South London, is how to find an honest and reliable electrician. These days, there are plenty of them on the Internet, found via Google, Bing, Yahoo and others so it would seem you might be spoilt for choice. The unfortunate thing is that there are many unscrupulous electricians out there, some of them have not even served an apprenticeship!

Take for example finding an electrician in Wimbledon. When you search, you will get over a quarter of a million results! The difficulty is …

emergency lighing in london

What is emergency lighting?


Emergency lighting, simply put, is lighting that provides safety and security during an emergency on the premises. Because lighting is involved, an emergency occurs when general lighting is not sufficient enough to provide basic human safety.


In this post we will look at what emergency lighting is, and how it can have an impact on both health and safety and productivity of employees.

It is generally accepted that emergency lighting has to operate automatically. It is not appropriate for someone to have to ‘turn on’ emergency lighting, In other words. It has …

electricial fault finding in epsom

faulty Wiring in Epsom

Early in May we received a telephone call from a householder living in Epsom. She and her husband had only bought their dream cottage two months earlier and had found that their RCD was tripping out at least once a week. Not only was it annoying, it was also worrying them.

Whilst she was on the phone we tried was to get them to check if it was the wiring or an appliance they were using that was causing the problem. Her husband followed our instructions but just could not trace it.

So in we went …

Building Regulations Part P in Wimbledon south London

Building Regulations Part P and Your House Sale in Wimbledon south London Mention Wimbledon and the first thing that most people think about is Tennis. But there is much more to it than that – green spaces, a football team and of course quality housing. Confidence is retuning to the UK housing market, especially since the introduction of the Government backed ‘Help to Buy’ initiative and prices rose by about 10% in Wimbledon during 2013. But during the downturn in the housing market, house owners tended to stay put, preferring to extend and improve rather than move. But that could have …

cost flat rewires

 The cost of rewiring a typical 2-3 bedroom apartment/flat in London


Domestic Property Rewiring

If your lights or electrics are not working you may need your property to be rewired. Rewiring is where the electrical cables and fittings are renewed. A property rewiring is quite an invasive procedure so existing wall fabric and fittings may be disturbed and in some cases, walls and ceilings will need be decorated.


Professional advice and appraisal about property rewiring

If your electrics are not working or wiring is old, South …

fire-rated dowlights

Down lights installations

Once you have decided that you wish to install Down lights in your home it is important for you to decide several things:

Q. How many Downlights do I want? Or need?


A        Well this is  person choice we seen standard 3 bed semi have over 120 that is way over the top !


Q Should the Down lights be 12 volts (selv),  230v( gu10 or g4), or led ?


A      This is where we come in …

RCD faults in wandsworth

Fault finding with rcds tripping
Residual Current Devices are electrical security switches that cuts the supply to an electrical circuit when the circuit is devolves a fault.

if a Residual Current Devices trips, it has tripped for a reason, the difficulty is not often a faulty RCD but fault on the wiring

Several electrical faults in wandsworth are not always permanent they can exist  for small number millisecond.

RCDs will trip after the circuit is temporarily faulty from appliance. After some time it is possible to reset it and  power to the circuit is restored .
If the circuit is faulty …

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