Rewiring a House in South East London


If you have bought an old house in south east London, it is quite possible that it will need rewiring. Even if your new home was built within the last thirty  years, it’s likely that it does not conform to the current bs7671 regulations regarding electrical installation laid down by current UK law and therefore could pose a danger to you and your family.

Your building survey won’t indicate the state of the wiring so you should hire reputable electricians in south east London in order to check electrical installation

South London Electricians will always tell you …

Professional Electricians in Balham Solve DIY Dilemma


It is an unfortunate fact of life that there are DIY’ers who still believe that they are competent electricians. In Balham, it is no exception. Take for instance a recent call-out.

A chap in Balham decided to swap an existing light fitting for a new posh one. When he telephoned us for help, he had spent most of the day before (Sunday) working on it. On the phone, he described the problem …

I’ve got two earth wires, two red wires and two black ones in the ceiling. I connected it all up and the switch isn …

Why choose a professional electrician in london?



There are many reasons why you should use a qualified electrician if you have a job in your home that needs doing. Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons centers on the issue of safety. Using a qualified niceic electrician guarantees that the job will be done safely and in a way that meets regulations bs7671.


For example, it has unfortunately been quite common for someone to drill a hole in the wall to fit, for example, a picture or a light and to hit an electrical cable. The force from such an accident can bring you …

London Electricians Emergency Call Out Service

When the electrics at your property go wrong, it is almost certain that it will be at the most inconvenient time. That’s Murphy’s Law. An electrical fault at home can be quite stressful as indeed it is for a business owner with staff unable to work and the business paralysed.

But help is on hand – South London Electricians operate an emergency call out service that will get you back up and running fast. In fact, 95% of our emergency electrical call out jobs are completed on the first visit.

Operating in most areas of south London, it doesn …

BS7671 and Commercial Electricians in London

As a business owner, you will no doubt appreciate that any interruption of your electricity supply could cause significant problems. Finding a good commercial electrician in London is therefore important. The money spent employing a competent and well qualified tradesman pays dividends in the long run. You need someone who can deliver excellent results and not simply carry out a quick fix – any signs of wear in a commercial electrical installation can escalate rapidly.

Your business has a legal duty to ensure that the electrical installation on your premises is safe, not only under normal operating conditions but …

Electrical Problems in South London?


Do you need an electrician in Wandsworth, Clapham or Balham?

Have you started to notice a few problems with electrical items in your home? Things like overheating cables, a circuit breaker that trips out more often than it did, or maybe your lights flickering a little.

If so, then it could indicate that you have a fault somewhere and should call your electrician sooner rather than later.

It is inevitable that your household electrical wiring and fittings will degrade over time, there is the normal wear and tear caused by switching appliances on and off, plugging and unplugging devices …

Electrician in Bromley london- Find and Fix Electrical Faults

Electricians in Bromley – Find and Fix Electrical Faults

Whether you live in Biggin Hill, West Wickham, Orpington or elsewhere in Bromley, you are likely to encounter an electrical fault at some time, especially if you live in an older house or a house that has not been re-wired for many years.

If your wiring is old, or if you suspect that there may be an electrical fault somewhere in your house, you should seek professional advice – call in a Bromley electrician to check your wiring and fittings. Any electrical fault is potentially life-threatening either directly …

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