LED Lighting Safety – Advice from South London Electricians


Consumer safety is always our top priority at South London Electricians. The charity for electrical safety (Electrical Safety First) has been working alongside Trading Standards to help to identify and reduce the arrival of badly made, unsafe and fake LED lamps in the UK.

LED lighting has been taken on board as one of the best ways to embrace energy efficiency and increasingly LED lighting is seen on the shelves of electrical and DIY stores. Indeed, here in south west London, we have installed many lighting systems for clients in our local area (South Croydon, East Croydon, Purley, Sanderstead …

UPS Electrician London, Uninterruptible Power Supply


Page description: Looking for a qualified and competent electrician who can supply and fit you an uninterruptible power supply? South London Electricians …

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Just imagine the chaos that a power failure would cause to your London business or household! You would lose heating, lighting, internet which at best would be an annoyance and at worst a security issue. With an uninterruptible power supply power cuts are a thing of the past.

Just as bad are power surges. These immediately burn out sensitive electronics. In business, this could mean loss of data …



With rapid and vast technological advancements in modern electrical gadgetry, South West London has not been left out. From integration of wireless technology with lighting to dimming control, home and garden lighting has never been made much easier. Surprisingly enough, by simply tapping on their smartphones, tablets or PC screens, South West Londoners remarkably enjoy home and garden lighting without having to move a muscle.
Remote lighting, as the name suggests, enables home owners to switch on the lights from anywhere within their premises without actually moving the wall to flip on the switch. By use of Wise Control …

Electrical Safety in South West London


In the UK, it is reported that many of the domestic fires that occur each year are related to electrical faults and errors such as the consumer overloading sockets. Additionally, there are estimates that suggest that over a quarter of a million people are seriously injured as a result of electrical accidents in the home.

Grants from Electrical Safety First

The UK charity Electrical Safety First uses part of its budget to fund grant schemes (the Fire Safety Fund and the Home Improvement Grant) ultimately targeting householders, not just in south west London but nationwide. The idea …

Competent Electricians – South West London

 Electricians – South West London
On 2/7/14, following a recommendation from the Department of Communities and Local Government Select Committee (DCLG), a new website was launched with the intention of helping consumers find competent electricians. As there are several regulatory bodies, up until the launch of the website, the general public have had several different websites to visit in order to check if a south west London electrician or electrical company is registered to carry out domestic work.
It features a brand new logo, intended as a mark …


Imagine,just for a second,how devastating life could be day in day out as a result of recurrent faulty electrical installations,such as a electrical fire at your home, a short-circuit or burnt out  cable in  your flat  ,or worse off taking a cold shower during winter just to name a few. Thanks to high quality regulatory standards of electrical installation,safety is guaranteed our competent NICEIC registered electricians.
In the UK,the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors (NICEIC),is the independent and voluntary organization mandated by the Government to regulate training and offering of …

Central London Hotel Benefits from South London Electricians Intervention

Emergency Electricians who get the Job Done Properly

Many electricians in Central and south west London offer emergency electrical call out services to hotels, home owners, businesses etc but can they actually deliver? The answer in some cases is no.
Take for example a recent job that we carried out. It was Saturday night, 7.30 when we received a call from MyHotel in Bloomsbury, central London. They were having a problem with a water leak that got into their mains panel a 800 amp main switch fed by 630mm SWA cables. Apart from the inconvenience of an …

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